dilluns, 6 de febrer de 2012

Cunning duel

"It was just a game."

That was all the alibi you'd ever need. Your proud sword and your brave shield, always at hand, ready to attend submissively to all her owner's desires. You even tricked me once for a while, that is the power of your finest masterpiece... and your precious last sentence.

But you claimed the winning prize too soon. Too self-conceited to be aware of your plan's flaws, to realize that the very source of your strenght is at the same time your defenses' weakest spot. Because fake tricheries and hoaxes could only win you artificial deceptions. Yes, the dice was loaded from the start, but there's no way to fool a Joker.

Empty words. A marvellous shining magic box, with just a little puppet inside. Some natural talent as a liar, but not enough brains to see it through. A game, you say? Indeed - a game you lost.

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  2. Un fal·lòsuf borrant el seu propi comentari? Oh, the irony....
    Que si you wannabe my lover? Esplai Girls!